Add X Axis Command Add Axis

There a three tools in the main toolbar to add a Axis, or Universal Axis object in different orientations to the active document:

  1. X Axis Icon Add X Axis

  2. Y Axis Icon Add Y Axis

  3. Z Axis Icon Add Z Axis

Custom Properties



Default Value


Carriage Position Percent


Position of carriage relative to available rod.

Length Length

304.8 mm

Length of axis corresponds to rod length.

Orientation String


Orientation of axis: X, Y, or Z.

Rod Diameter Length

8.0 mm

Diameter of rod.

Side String


Which side the bottom of the axis faces.

Attaching Axes to the Frame

You may attach axes to the frame by selecting one of it’s outer faces, and then clicking a button in the main toolbar to add a axis.

Attaching X, Y, and Z axes to Top, Right, and Front faces

Only certain axes can be attached to certain faces or sides of the frame based on it’s orientation.

Axis Orientation

Attachable Side(s)




Left, Right


Front, Rear

Note: You cannot attach an axis to the Bottom face or side of the frame.

The axis-frame attachment logic assumes the frame is not rotated, and determines whether the user is attaching the axis to the appropriate side of the frame based on whether the selected face is parallel to the XY, YZ, or XZ plane.


See the Report View for attachment troubleshooting.